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Restoring sight and independence

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    Tilganga Institute of Opthalmology (TIO)

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When Chimsi, a 55-year-old lady from Katunje-3, Dhading, lost her sight in both eyes, she became physically inactive and was dependent on family members for all of her daily activities.

Working at local farms to make a living, her family members did not think of seeking eye care service in their community eye centre because they could not afford surgery in the city. Chimsi’s blindness had a huge impact on the entire family, as all of the work she used to complete each day had to be tackled by other family members.

How we made a difference

Chimsi heard about the Seeing is Believing screening eye camp from her local community. Visiting approximately six months after her blindness first occurred, the Nuwakot team diagnosed her with bilateral cataracts and recommended surgery to restore her sight.

Both eyes were operated on at the Outreach Micro-surgical Eye Clinic (OMEC) in Devighat, part of a two-day surgical camp that restored the sight of 288 individuals with cataract surgery. Chimsi was ecstatic to have her vision back. Not only did the operation restore her sight, it also restored her independence, allowing her to earn a living, engage in domestic work and look after her family. After just two months, Chimsi was back to managing her usual household activities and taking care of her grandchildren.

“Now I can work in the field, cook food and see cattle. Getting my eyesight back has changed my family environment and all are happy. My mobility was so low that I felt like I was paralysed. Now I feel very good. Thank you all.”

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