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When little Zheng Ning was born, her parents took her as the gift to brighten their lives. Her father has suffered from congenital cataracts since childhood and an unfortunate accident took her mother’s sight after she married. The couple had almost lost hope for life, but little Ning’s arrival gave them long-awaited joy.

When little Ning was diagnosed with congenital cataracts and amblyopia in both eyes at the age of three during a vision screening, her parents were devastated. The doctor told them that Ning needed urgent cataract surgery and follow-up vision training to save her sight. But the family simply couldn’t afford the treatment.

How we made a difference

Ning was referred to a Shanghai hospital for further diagnosis and that was when the family learned about Seeing is Believing. We offered to fund Ning’s cataract surgery, and she underwent successful surgery and made new friends in similar situations in the process.

Ning’s parents shared that the support from Seeing is Believing not only helped little Ning regain her vision, but also brought long lost fortune and hope back to the family.

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