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Giving Delphine the gift of sight

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When 46-year-old Delphine started to suffer from chronic headaches, doctors at the Methodist Hospital in Dabou told her she had sinusitis. But the headaches didn’t ease following treatment, and Delphine gradually lost sight in her left eye.

The loss had a devastating effect on her life. An evangelist, Delphine was no longer able to read the Bible correctly or preach to her congregation. She also had to give up her job as a market trader. Her loss of income also meant that seeking medical help became impossible.

Worried for her eyesight, Delphine approached COMBD in July 2014 to get a second opinion, as she had been told they could help. She was finally diagnosed with cataracts. With financial support from her church and COMBD, Delphine underwent surgery.

How we made a difference

The surgery gave Delphine back not only her sight but her life, for she was once again able to go about her daily activities and trade at the market. She looks upon her gift of sight as the opportunity to dream, to have faith and expect a better future.

“I invite and encourage all those who have visual impairments to go to health centres for a check. There’s no need to be afraid if you are told to have surgery. I have been operated on successfully. Now I can see again!”

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