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When Amareli started to see objects as distorted and had trouble judging distances, she realised that something was seriously wrong with her vision. She frequently fell down the stairs as she was unable to judge the step distance. But her life changed dramatically when her loss of vision forced her to give up riding her bicycle. Depending on this mode of transport to get to work, Amareli was forced to leave her job.

Over the months, the lack of exercise that cycling had given her soon resulted in health problems. She knew she needed to do something about her condition and found hope when she was told about a medical campaign to restore sight. Amareli put herself on the long waiting list for an appointment.

How we made a difference

Upon evaluation, the doctor informed Amareli that she was suffering from cataracts in both eyes. At 52 years of age, she was still young, but her condition was so advanced that she needed to have surgery as soon as possible. A doctor operated on her right eye first, and, when this was a success, followed up three weeks later with surgery on her left eye. Amareli was delighted to have her sight, and life, fully restored.

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