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A new life for Deepshikha

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Life has been tough for Deepshikha. Her father’s job as a taxi driver provides the only source of income for her family, and he has to drive 14 hours every single day to earn enough to provide them two meals a day.

But when Deepshikha was in Class III, the family was put under further financial strain when Deepshikha’s vision started to fail. She wasn’t able to see the blackboard or even read her schoolbooks. As her schoolwork suffered, her parents thought she was making excuses for not studying, but soon realised that she was indeed not able to see, even to eat her meals. Her parents were devastated.

It was also a miserable time for Deepshikha. She stopped going to school because, with the loss of vision, she couldn’t cope with her studies or her teachers scolding her for not doing her homework. Worse, she lost the opportunity for an education along with all her friends.

Efforts to treat her condition added to her plight. Deepshikha was taken to a nearby traditional herbal healer, who treated her with onion extracts. As expected, the problem continued and, instead of being healed, her eyes became very red. After a week with no improvement, a neighbour suggested that she go to the Behala Vision Centre for treatment.

How we made a difference

Thanks to the Seeing is Believing programme, Deepshikha is back on the road to achieving her dreams of becoming a teacher.

Her sight has been restored with the diagnosis of severe myopia and the donation of a pair of prescription glasses. She is now back at school with all her friends and is confident of taking care of her family when she grows up.

“It was like a miracle. The spectacles provided me with everything I wanted from life. I am back at school and the teachers no longer scold me. The glasses are also very trendy. I like wearing them.”

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