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When 52-year-old Goma gradually started to lose her sight, she put it down to old age. Eventually she lost sight in both eyes, and with it, her independence. A previously active lady, she became totally dependent on her family members to complete basic day-to-day routines, and other family members had to complete the housework she used to do.

Frustrated for his mother, her son wanted to find treatment for her, but the nearest community eye centre was 14 km away, and he wasn’t able to afford treatment even if he could get her to a centre. Community eye camps were another option but, with the service being free, the waiting list was months long.

How we made a difference

In response to an advert, the family enquired with the local community eye centre in Nuwakot about a screening eye camp. The team met Goma when she came for the screening and diagnosed her with cataracts in both eyes. Surgery was recommended to give Goma her sight back.

The team stayed in contact with the family by phone to ensure that Goma kept her appointment. Dr Limbu, an Ophthalmologist from Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, removed Goma’s cataracts during a three-day-long outreach micro-surgical eye clinic camp, where he performed another 307 cataract surgeries.

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