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Photo by Tommy Trenchard/Sightsavers

A life without limitations

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Criscent was diagnosed with blinding cataracts as a baby. Although he was referred for immediate surgery, his family simply couldn’t afford the transportation costs to and from hospital.

Cataract surgery needs to happen quickly in young patients, as the chances of vision restoration dramatically decrease after the age of seven. After he turned six, it was clear that time was running out for Criscent.

How we made a difference

Criscent’s grandmother, Safuroza, was in their local village one day when she heard about an eye screening campaign on the radio. The Sightsavers supported project in Uganda – funded through Seeing is Believing – offered to transport Criscent to the hospital for free.

The surgery was a success. After Criscent’s bandages were removed, he was almost unrecognisable. The once painfully timid young boy, who had clung to any object within reach, was now fearlessly running around and playing as he should have been for the last six years.

With his sight restored, Criscent is now free to live a life without restrictions.

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