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A brighter future for Junli

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    Child Eye Health

When Junli was six, her mother noticed that her eyes were different from the other children’s. Junli would squint and tilt her head when trying to see.


Because her family had limited resources and education, Junli’s condition was not treated, and she suffered in school. She could not see the blackboard clearly in class and her academic performance was poor. As a result, she lacked confidence and was bullied by classmates.


When the Seeing is Believing Child Eye Health project launched in Guangling County, eye doctors and other medical professionals of Guangling County People’s Hospital trained key villagers to identify and refer visual impairment cases. Through this programme, Junli was identified and referred to the hospital. She was diagnosed with bilateral esotropia which affected her visual development.


Junli was given a pair of spectacles for her refractive error, and it changed her life at home and school. She helps her mother to do housework, is happier and has significantly improved in school.


The new spectacles she received have already made a big impact on her life and changed her attitude to school life – thanks to the Seeing is Believing child eye health project in Shanxi, China.

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